Morocco Collection / @simonsnopek (MOBILE )


This is my Morocco Collection ( Mobile ) package , within this pack you’ll receive 7 presets designed to give the perfect tone & colour to your shots and speed up your editing process.

Morocco Patterns
Morocco Market
Morocco Mood
Morocco City
Morocco Medina
Morocco Interior
Morocco Woman

Remember that all presets work differently on every image , simple adjustments using Exposure and Contrast can usually do the trick, however also utilising Highlights, Shadows, Whites and Blacks within the same module can offer even more flexibility to help adjust each preset to fit the lighting in each of your photos.

These Presets are designed to work with JPG photos in Lightroom Mobile (iOS & Android) and will be sent immediately through download link once payment is received.
Don’t forget to tag @simonsnopek so I can check out your edits on Instagram.

How to instal mobile presets? Click Here 



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